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Rent a 4x4 SUV in Iceland

Route 1 Car Rental offers a wide range of 4x4 vehicles to accommodate your needs. From our small Suzuki Jimny to our Toyota Land Cruiser, these vehicles will make sure that you can explore all of Iceland!


Suzuki Jimny manualSuzuki Jimny 4x4 Manual / Suzuki Jimny 2015-2017

The smallest 4x4 jeep that Route 1 Car Rental offers. It is a 3-door vehicle that seats 4 passengers and accommodates 1 suitcase. For optimal comfort while travelling with this vehicle it is best suited for 2-3 people. 



 Suzuki Vitara Automatic 2016 modelSuzuki Vitara 4x4 2017 and newer 

The Suzuki Vitara is an automatic, 5-door 4x4 that seats 5 passengers and accommodates 3 suitcases. Easy to drive and very comfortable! Might get a bit tight for 5 people if you have a lot of luggage, but to solve that problem we do offer roof boxes.



Toyota RAV4 AutomaticToyota Rav-4 Automatic 4x4 or similar

A 5-door automatic 4x4 that seats 5 passengers and accommodates 4 suitcases. Easy to drive and very comfortable! Might get a bit tight for 5 people if you have a lot of luggage, but to solve that problem we do offer roof boxes.



Toyota Land Cruiser automaticToyota Land Cruiser automatic 4x4 / Toyota Land Cruiser 2017 and newer 

Biggest 4x4 jeep Route 1 offers! 5-door luxury vehicle with an automatic transmission and runs on a diesel engine. It seats 5 passangers and accommodates 4 suitcases. Highly recommended for a group of 5 adults or for people who enjoy the extra leg space.



Road restrictions

Please keep in mind that even if you are driving a 4x4, there are certain roads that are deemed impassable for rental vehicles. All of Route 1 Car Rental’s 4x4 jeeps are suitable to drive on the following roads:

  • F26 – Sprengisandur/Sprengisandsleið
  • F35 – Kjölur
  • F88 – Öskjuvegur
  • F225 – Landmannaleið
  • F550- Kaldidalur

These are the best known F-roads but there are other F-roads that you’d be able to drive if the condition of the road allows it, some of which are very rough gravel roads but with no unbridged rivers on the way. Upon delivery of the car we will provide you with the map posted below that clearly indicates which roads you cannot drive. We recommend that you plan your trip beforehand so that you are aware of which roads are F-roads and whether they are passable or not at any given time.
Please note that all off-road driving is forbidden and punishable by law, and the responsibility is always on the renter when crossing unbridged rivers. We also recommend that you always make sure that the F-road that you have decided to drive is open, either by calling 1778 (the Icelandic Road Administration), checking the Icelandic Road Administration´s webpage or by talking to the locals as the condition of the roads may vary due to weather and the seasons. It is not uncommon that roads are deemed impassable and closed due to weather.

These are the F-roads that you absolutely cannot drive:

  • F-208 – Fjallabaksleið Nyðri
  • F-210 – Fjallabaksleið Syðri
  • F-337 – Hlöðuvallavegur
  • F-578 – Arnarvatnsvegur
  • F-662 – Svalavogavegur
  • F-910 – Austurleið
  • F-980 – Kollmúluvegur.

Please know that if you drive on any of these roads all the insurances on the car will be void and you are fully liable for any damage that may occur.
For more information regarding weather and road conditions please check out the following websites:

    Icelandic Met Office
    Icelandic Road Administration

 Road Restrictions

Road restrictions issued by the Icelandic Transport Authority, Icelandic Association for Search and Rescue, Hvolvöllur County Police, Sjóvá - Insurance, Icelandic Road and Coastal Administration, Ministry of The Interior, and The Icelandic Travel Industry Association.