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Everything you need to know before renting a car in Iceland

Driving is one of the best ways to explore Iceland. With no trains and only a small bus service, Iceland car rental is often the only way of getting to some of the country's best sites. That said, there are a few things to bear in mind before you book your Route 1 Iceland rental car.

Plan ahead

If you want to ensure you make the most of our cheap car hire in Iceland, be sure to plan in advance. With tourist numbers increasing each year, it is often best to snag our great deals early. You should also start planning your route before you decide which car you want to hire. Many roads in Iceland only allow fourwheel drive vehicles, so you should book a 4x4 if you plan on using any of these.

Iceland rental car insurance

Driving in Iceland does come with its pitfalls - the roads are often difficult to navigate and there are many aspects that can cause damage to a vehicle. Be sure to ask us for guidance regarding your Iceland car rental insurance, and opt in for any extras that you might need for further cover, such as ash and gravel protection.

Speeding laws in Iceland

Iceland is known for its strict speeding laws. There are many speed traps located throughout the main ring road, so for your own safety, always stick to the speed limit.

Don't run out of fuel

If you're heading into the remote countryside, be sure to fill up your tank with petrol whenever you can. Some areas don't have fuelling stations for hundreds of miles, so you should always be prepared.

Be prepared

Driving in Iceland can bring about some unforeseen challenges. The weather can change unexpectedly, and this can affect routes and close roads. Always have a map and a GPS system to help you combat any route changes. You should also check the status of the roads and the weather before you head off on any journey. Call the number 1777 for real-time info in English.

As long as you plan well and avoid the pitfalls, driving in Iceland can be an unforgettable experience. You can see everything from mountains and lagoons to traditional villages and beaches, so sit back, strap up, and enjoy it at your leisure.