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Let us introduce the NEW Suzuki Vitara!

 Route 1 Car Rental - Suzuki Vitara 2016

The Suzuki Vitara, the car with many names (aka Escudo, Sidekick, Tracker) is a solid vehicle that began production more than 25 years ago. Here at Iceland´s Route 1 Car Rental we stick with the Vitara because under that name it received the 2016 What Car? Magazine Best Buy award.  It has a smooth 1.6-liter engine and it drives perfectly; the suspension is firm enough to resist roll without ever becoming uncomfortable.  If you are bound for Iceland´s wild, the Vitara´s reliable engine and four-wheel-drive will be fearless on whatever terrain Iceland has to offer.

Adventure with confidence!

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Driving the ring road counterclockwise with a car from Route 1 Car Rental


Weather Updates

Due to the ever-changing weather in Iceland, we at Route 1 Car Rental have started posting daily weather updates on our facebook page! The updates will be posted between 8-9AM every day and we'll also post a map that shows the current road conditons around the country.

We care about our customers' safety and urge you to check the weather and road conditions before heading out on your adventure. Change your travel plans accordingly so that you can enjoy a safe trip around beautiful Iceland.

Here are a few helpful links:

Icelandic Meteorology Office
The Icelandic Road and Coastal Administration

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Shubhika reviews

Hi Siggy and Route 1

Our Iceland trip has come to an end and we return your car tomorrow. Your car was great and we had no trouble at all at any place. Some of our friends are going to visit Iceland later this year and we will strongly recommend Route1 car rental to them. We had good weather at some places and rain at some places, but overall we loved Iceland and hope to come again for some more great pictures.

Take care Shubhika




Andrew Martlew reviews

Thank you!

It was an excellent car, just right for the job and very comfortable. It was very clean when it arrived -not quite so clean when we handed it back, sorry!  And I think it was a very good deal indeed. And everyone that we dealt with, by email or in person, was really helpful.  Including when we kept on changing our plans.

We would recommend Route 1 with great enthusiasm to anyone renting a car in Iceland, and hope you have a successful season. You are a lot better than the international franchises that my employers use!

Fr Andrew Martlew