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Sightseeing top spots for an Iceland self drive holiday 

Many people that choose to holiday in Iceland decide to rent a car. It is one of the most convenient ways of seeing the spectacular sights of the country, and so here is a roundup of some of our favourite spots.

Ring road sightseeing

Iceland's ring road, otherwise known as Route 1, is the main road that stretches around the island. It is the safest road to drive on, as it is mostly paved in asphalt. There are some stunning sights to be found along the ring road, and you can navigate the entire route in just over a week.

South Iceland

Head to the south ring road to hike to the top of Skogafoss, one of the largest waterfalls on the island dropping some 60 meters and spanning across 24 meters. Wander behind the Seljalandsfoss to see the cascading water up close, and visit the black sand beaches of Vik town. Hike in Skaftafell and head to the Vatnajokull National Park to visit the Jokulsarslon glacial lagoon.

North East Iceland

Drive on the northeast ring road to marvel at the spectacular landscape of the Myvatn wetland area, which has been carved out by lava rock. It is home to the Krafla Volcano and the beautiful Lake Myvatn, where you can unwind in a nature bath. Get a blend of relaxation and adventure and take the crawling route through the earth cracks to reach the natural cave hot tub, Vogagjá.

East Iceland

Head east and go hunting for the Icelandic loch ness monster, which is said to find its home in the Fljotsdalur valley's river. Then get lost in the woods in Iceland's largest forest, Hallormstaðaskogur.

North West Iceland

Head to Route 1's north-west section to see the mountainsurrounded town of Akureyri, where you can do everything from whale watching and horseback riding, to wandering the botanical gardens and the Laufás Turf Homes. Visit in the winter to enjoy skiing on the mountains, or come during the summer to catch a ferry to Grimsey island.

West Iceland

Head off the ring road to West Iceland and the spectacular Westfjords, which are perched on the north-west corner the island. Here you will find true tranquillity and a largely unspoilt area off the beaten tourist trail. Quaint fishing villages meet the Hornstrandir hiking reserve, with dramatic mountains in the background and a perfect never-ending landscape that hides the notorious arctic fox.