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What Insurance do you need to rent a car in Iceland

Driving in Iceland is one of the finest ways of seeing this spectacular country. That said, whatever the time of year you visit, if you rent a car in Iceland, you should be aware of the hazards of the roads and take extra safety as they can be somewhat treacherous to navigate.

Insurance to rent a car in Iceland

Insurance is a must when you come to rent a car in Iceland. Not only is it against the law to drive in the country without it, but you need to ensure you're protected against many of the pitfalls of the hazardous driving conditions in the country.

At Route 1 Car Rental we offer a basic insurance package with our car hire fee. You should ensure you check with us exactly what this covers, and what the excess payment is if you do have to make a claim. You can then purchase optional extras for your insurance, which include lowering the excess fee.

Insurance to cover where you are going to drive

We at Route 1 Car Rental offer many additional insurance options in addition to our cheap car hire in Iceland. You should think about these in respect to where you are going to travel during your stay.

If you're planning to use some of Iceland's gravel roads and mountain roads, it is worth purchasing our Gravel Protection insurance. This will insure your rental vehicle against the damage that gravel can do to the paintwork, the lights and the windscreen.

If you're planning on driving to see any volcanic attractions, it is also worth looking into our Ash and Sand Protection insurance. This will fully cover any damage caused to your vehicle by ash and sandstorms, which you might encounter if you're going to visit such attractions.

Vehicle theft insurance when renting a car in Iceland

You can also purchase additional theft protection against the vehicle. Many visitors have travel insurance and personal insurance from their bank or credit card, so it is worth checking with your provider what they cover also before deciding on your insurance package.

Always ask for advice from your rental car agent

When it comes to driving, the advice of the locals in Iceland is invaluable. Always take advice from your Route 1 Iceland car rental agent when choosing your insurance package. Just show us your travel plans and a map of where you want to drive during your holiday in Iceland, and we will be able to advise you regarding what insurance you should need. We will of our best to help make your trip to Iceland a comfortable one.